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Find Freelance Workers and Outsource Your Projects

Find a freelance or company of programmers, web designers, graphic designers, interpreters, copywriters, or others. Outsource your projects to India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, or any other country. Join for free, post your projects, and have it fully completed !


As a freelance or company, you are free to choose hundreds of available outsourced projects, complete the projects and GET PAID for it ! Don't let your skill be wasted, join for free and bid among hundreds of projects!

Elance has many highly skilled workers (freelancers) and many of them bid the project with a higher fee. In contrast, Scriptlance has so many workers who are willing to perform the project with a very low fee. The balance between both is Get A Freelancer.

Be warned to review each bidders carefully for their integrity, sometime you get what you paid for. Freelancers! Keep in mind to use the escrow or you may probably not getting paid for the project you have completed!

My Best Tools for Programming
  1. UltraEdit
    I'm using UltraEdit for programming, this is very powerful text editor which absolutely simplify my work! It's ideal for text, HEX, HTML, PHP, Java, Perl, Javascript, and programmer's editor (PHP, Python, C/C++ or other programming languages). If you are a webmaster or programmer, just use this editor, you will really thank me as I did!
  2. UltraCompare Professional
    I also am using UltraCompare Professional to compare my script files. You know, sometime we have to separate the scripts so the feature between them is different in order to sell it with different price. So, we usually forgot which part/line has modified between 2 same script files. This is where UltraCompare does the help. It will find each different parts between 2 files with easy viewing! UltraCompare Professional enables us to effortlessly compare files and directories and merge differences. This is urgently needed for developers who sell the scripts which always upgraded, OR, have several version of the scripts!

I was decide to buy UltraEdit (Feb 10, 2010) after the trial and bought it with UltraCompare in a single purchase to get 50% discount and both provide 1 year free upgrade.

Use UltraEdit & UltraCompare, as I said, you will really really thank me as I did!

Huge List of Website Templates

Get a template among a huge list of website templates for each of your website, no need to create its layout and design, just choose a preferred template and it will be yours within minutes! Get your website templates now.

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